Baby Betty needed round-the-clock, hands-on care from the diligent zoo employees to ensure she made it through her first few months of life. While she may have been tiny, baby Betty captured the hearts of thousands of people and went from underdog to social media star in a single day. On the last Pets News day of 2021, the world lost the enduring Betty White. But her legacy, and enduring love for animals, lives on in the slew of child animals named after her in 2022. Felines are inclined to cuddle up in the most unusual, seemingly uncomfortable locations.

  • The 9 dogs—eight Labrador retrievers and one Belgian Malinois—were tested on detecting four completely different kinds of coronavirus samples.
  • Dr. Jamie Whittenburg is a graduate of Texas Tech University and Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Hugo the golden retriever stayed within the view of his homeowners to point out them how upset he was about getting kicked off.
  • Located in Chicago, Illinois, West Loop Veterinary Care houses a weblog with a few years’ worth of posts in the archives.
  • These breeders promote exotic breeds of cats within $100 to $300 instead of the costs from more respected breeders, which could be upwards of $1,000, fostering casual cat ownership, mentioned Cheong.
  • VetChick is really Dr. Karen Louis, a house-call exclusive veterinarian, who supplies pet homeowners with a weblog on various pet-care-related subjects.